Our Funding


Gravitas Institute is a 501(c)(3) health research organization whose mission is to validate the quality and analysis of scientific, clinical, and health data in order to improve the quality and safety of medical care. Our priority is the arduous medical research and evidence based data analysis that is required to treat multiple conditions (comorbidity)  accurately, safely, and to achieve outcomes that reduce the severity and length of both conditions being treated.  We work as a coalition epicenter for brain illness comorbidity in chronic and life threatening disease through collaboration across the organizations working towards improving the lives of people burdened with illness. All of our medical research results are shared through our Research Partners, public forums, and medical publications.

The results of our work will directly benefit people, patients, doctors, hospitals and other care facilities, clinics, insurance payers, pharmaceutical researchers, information technology experts, and policy makers by providing evidence based care plans and models proven to be effective in mitigating or reducing illness and disease.

Our Funding Objectives

Long term organization sustainment and growth is planned through the fiscal support of Research Partners, grants, and donations. The annual administrative and Data Commons costs are $3 Million which is supported by our Board of Director contributions and grant requests to corporate foundations. Medical research project costs are between $1 Million to $6 Million which are supported by our Research Partners and Brain Trust requests made to foundations and organizations with interest in specific brain or health conditions.

Expert Research Team Funding

Gravitas provides the funding and program management to multidiscipline, hand-picked, and invited medical teams. These teams are responsible for the research design, clinical or data analysis planning, milestone review, and results analysis of a specific research study. The objective of each study is to develop peer-reviewed, clinically relevant, and evidence based models that our informaticists and biostatisticians will assist them with that can be used in Health IT systems.

I Am Heard Research Funding

Gravitas consumer health research is primarily funded through donations and all of the money is used for conducting the research. As our resources permit, we will hire local canvassers across the US and pay for expenses and a small stipend.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible under Section 170 of the Code and we are also authorized to receive tax deductible requests under section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

Funds are managed by an internal Chief Financial Officer and reviewed annually by an external accounting firm. We make our project and administrative financials available to grantors and members either as the project is moving forward or through our annual reports. Annual reports are also made available to the public-at-large.