I Am Heard

I Am Heard is putting the voice of the individual into medical care. I Am Heard is a national research campaign to find out what people understand, what they need to understand, what challenges and barriers they have to overcome, and what information they need in specific formats. I Am Heard is a national awareness campaign that advocates for a relationship between people and their doctors that is inclusive of the whole person, not pieces and parts. 

I Am Heard research results guide the development of “individual introductions” that can be matched to an electronic health record to guide doctors to options that fit in with your preferences. Kind of like how Amazon knows you like a certain type of product, but not nearly as invasive. That’s why this work is important. Because without something that is designed to understand your health preferences better, hospitals will start looking into all of your other activities to figure it out. It sounds cool when you think about knowing so much about others. It doesn’t feel so cool when its someone digging into you.

I Am Heard is a critical component to the medical research Gravitas is doing to improve medical care and payment policy. Some of the results are brought together with our medical research to provide a 360 degree view of the impact physical problems have on brain health. Specifically, for people that have chronic or life threatening conditions, or those who have had a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or autism that makes them more susceptible to disease and medication side effects.

I Am Heard has to be self-funded. Gravitas medical research costs are about $6 million or more per year and as a nonprofit that’s a tough enough nut to crack. And there are about 200 million people we need to hear from. I Am Heard donations and the sales of logo’d products goes to build out a robust technology that will show results and let you look at different scenarios, purchase tablets and pay for people in each state to run the research there. We aren’t paying for anything other than the costs of the research and media campaign with your money.

I Am Heard will get you the individualized, health services you need to overcome illness or protect the good health you have. Please visit our Shop or Donation page and help us give you a voice with scientisits and doctors behind it.

Take Action

I Am Heard has to be self-funded and we desperately need your help and the help of others you know or throughout your social networks to donate whenever and however much they can. There are about 200 million people in the US we have to hear from. That’s how many are currently being burdened by a Brain Health issue that also effects their physical health. The cost of this is about $3 million per year, or $67 per person. We don’t expect that everyone can donate that much, but every single dollar helps us. Visit our Shop or Donation page and help us as you can. 

People Care

Healthcare is designed for people. Human Beings. With different physical problems, different attitudes, different lifestyles, different levels of education, different expectations about their health and desire to do something about it,  and different incomes to pay for it. While there is a limit to how much customization is manageable in healthcare, doing a better job at individualizing care by matching the treatment to what someone will do is possible with our research.

Well, Not Treated

Technology has changed our lives dramatically and made so many things in our day-to-day life easier and less time consuming. Even our cell phones have gone from a way to keep in touch no matter where you are, to a mini computer that fits in your pocket. But, when your using technology to manage human anatomy, it's not so simple. The goal is to be well - everywhere and always. So the technology goal is to use a few powerful ones that are proven, using scientific and medical study, to reduce the incidence, severity, or longevity of an illness or disease. That’s where Gravitas and our I Am Heard research is going.

Your Doctor

Creating a personal relationship in 15 minutes that uncovers what is wrong and how it is impacting you is no simple feat. For either one of you. Your doctor and their staff need to be your ally. We’re trying to strengthen that relationship by listening to your needs and theirs.

Your Brain

If you look around our website, you’ll see that we are dedicated in making the health of your brain as important to your doctor as the health of your body is. Since we have your attention, please remember that your brain is critical to your keeping your heart, lungs, and muscles working, your ability to recover from illness or disease, your profession, your relationships, and every decision you make. Make sure that you and your doctor are preserving and protecting it.