Research Partners

What You Can Do

Gravitas Research Partners are leaders from organizations that play a role in chronic and life threatening disease, brain illness, disease or injury, and patient wellness through scientific discovery, clinical medicine, healthcare services, and information technology support. Research Partners come together to evaluate both the challenges and the solutions in small, focused coalitions whose combined expertise can quickly manage complex information. Research Partners commit to an affordable annual membership contribution that funds our medical and consumer research, which if done independently would cost tens of millions annually and not guarantee the adoption of the products or services developed from it.

Working together to uncover clinical care and patient engagement models to treat comorbid brain conditions in chronic and life threatening disease means not only critical progress in medicine, it means leading strategic change as a broad, proactive coalition. 

For the past two decades, we have fought chronic disease and cancer with the voice of prevention and the threat of death, but still the numbers are rising. For centuries, we have isolated the human mind and its capacity for resilience and change by separating mental health from human. Mental health problems are growing, while reimbursement policy shrinks overall health outcomes by paying only psychiatrists to treat it. Dementia and Alzheimer's diagnoses are currently on a trajectory that defies age or genetics. Interestingly, each upward trajectory of each of these seemingly unrelated conditions are rising at similar rates. Traumatic Brain Injury, CNS side effects such as ”Chemo Bain”, and the damage caused by stroke underscore an imperative to consider potential impact to the brain when treatment for new conditions are selected. Its time to take this brain-body thing a little more seriously.

The BRAIN initiative, new debates regarding mental health specific EHR’s, technology to measure mood and change behavior, patient engagement products, along with value-based care requirements of a measureable reduction in the number and severity of chronic or life threatening illness, decision support systems currently deigned for only one illness at a time, and a huge population that now has mental health coverage and not enough professionals to accurately treat, represent plenty of business opportunity for our Research Partners. Innovation is not created on knowledge alone, it is dependent by how that knowledge is leveraged.

Leading Change

Responsiveness to new policy and technology is at the forefront of every organization involved in healthcare. Proactive leadership to determine comorbidity model development that can support the doctors and the patients role in wellness creates opportunity to establish tomorrows medicine. Inviting health consumers and patients here with you will create an even larger voice.

The Small Print

Healthcare is a business. There it is. Research Partners may be competitors in a small pond, but are allies in a larger ocean filled with ships incapable of agile, sharp turns. Research Partners bring with them non-proprietary research studies to save money and time, their available data on the specific disease and brain impact we study, their knowledge of disease, workflows, and best practices, as well as a willingness to test the results of the research we fund to exhaustion.

Everybody Wins

Ultimately, the accurate clinical management of comorbid brain and physical conditions will require the improvement or development of electronic tools that support the capacity and capability of doctors and their office staff, the hard medical evidence to validate the need, and reimbursement policy that pays the medical specialties that treat the highest percentage of at-risk patients. The Gravitas model brings all of the stakeholders to the table to direct our research and implement its valuable results. 

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